Vinnie’s 10 Tips to Being a better Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher

I love to pitch slow pitch softball!  You are the center of the action controlling the flow of the game, enticing batters to swing at pitches, defending the middle, and running the show. The moment I step onto the diamond my worries and cares fall away.  There is no place on earth I would rather be. It’s just me and the game.  I just love it.  I plan on playing until they drag me off the pitching mound and into a nursing home.

I love to teach other players how to pitch.  Some have become quite good at it (if I do say so myself). Here are some tips to those of you who want to become a better slow pitch softball pitcher, or may be getting ready to pitch for the first time.

Vinnie’s 10 Tips to Being a Better Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher

  1. Practice one pitch until you can throw it for a strike at will.
  2. For the love of God, learn how backup and defend your position and yourself.
  3. Location is key. Learn to throw strikes deep, short, away, & inside
  4. Arc your pitches as high as you can until the ump stops you. Arc is your best friend.
  5. Vary your arcs and location to keep the batter guessing.
  6. Walks suck.  No free trips to 1st.
  7. Back up throws coming from the outfield
  8. Learn how to read a batter. Keep the pitch out of the batters wheelhouse. 
  9. Pitch to contact.  Make them hit it where you want them to.
  10. Be a professional.  Celebrating a swinging strike out will get your ass beat.  Batters strike out because they simply miss, not because your 5 mph pitch is so awesome.

Video of the Week: Malach’s Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Primer

While there are scores of videos to be found online that feature tips on hitting a slow pitch softball, there seems to be few videos on how to pitch a slow pitch softball.  That’s a shame.  Questions on how to pitch can be found on softball forums all over the internet.  It’s a commonly asked question.

Malach’s Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Primer is one of the original pitching videos found on YouTube.  While he demonstrates how to throw a variety of pitches (with limited success), it’s Malach the Merciless’s philosophy about pitching that I want to mention. [starts talking about it at :50]

The goal of [pitching] slow pitch softball is not to strike out your opponent, but to induce them into outs using arc, spin, location, and movement of your pitches.

The arc is the most important.

 I’ve been pitching a long time (20+ years), and Malach’s is dead on with that statement above.  You’re not going to strike out batters swinging because your pitches are so awesome.  Batters strike out because they miss.  Induce them into outs!

I share my  thought on pitching slow pitch softball here:  Vinnie’s 10 Tips to Being a Better Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher