Slow Pitch Softball Swing Mechanics: Line Drive Swing vs a Home Run Swing

This is the first video I have found that shows a line drive swing side by side with a home run swing.  

Check out the difference in hand position and bat head position about 26 seconds in.   Notice the line drive swing approaches the ball on a flat plane, and typically will hit the ball near it’s center mass.  The HR swing, because the hands and bat head are higher, comes down in a “chopping” motion and typically will hit the ball on it’s lower half.  Both follow throughs are nearly identical.

The line drive swing and the HR swing look like they both connect with the about the same power & force.  Because of it’s downward swing plane, the HR swing can create massive backspin on the ball.  The backspin will create lift, and that will carry the ball further. 

This video is from the YouTube Channel.