Video of the Week: Malach’s Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Primer

While there are scores of videos to be found online that feature tips on hitting a slow pitch softball, there seems to be few videos on how to pitch a slow pitch softball.  That’s a shame.  Questions on how to pitch can be found on softball forums all over the internet.  It’s a commonly asked question.

Malach’s Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Primer is one of the original pitching videos found on YouTube.  While he demonstrates how to throw a variety of pitches (with limited success), it’s Malach the Merciless’s philosophy about pitching that I want to mention. [starts talking about it at :50]

The goal of [pitching] slow pitch softball is not to strike out your opponent, but to induce them into outs using arc, spin, location, and movement of your pitches.

The arc is the most important.

 I’ve been pitching a long time (20+ years), and Malach’s is dead on with that statement above.  You’re not going to strike out batters swinging because your pitches are so awesome.  Batters strike out because they miss.  Induce them into outs!

I share my  thought on pitching slow pitch softball here:  Vinnie’s 10 Tips to Being a Better Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher